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Frequently Asked Questions? ANSWERED HERE!

1- Can we bring food with us?

    YES, we allow guests to bring food with them. The food must be ready to serve, we don't provide any refrigeration or preparation areas. Please bring whatever you will need to serve your foods.

2- Do you have Catering available?

    YES, our on site catering services are provided exclusively by The Catering Company, they can be reached at 309-678-9000 and can provide menus and pricing.We don't allow other caterers on premise.

3-Can Wedding Receptions or large groups do their own foods?

   NO, groups over the size of 50 guests are not allowed to bring their own foods and must use The Catering Company.

4-Do you allow smoking?

   YES, we allow smoking on the premises within the guidelines set by the State of Illinois. No one can smoke in any of the buildings or within 15 feet of any entrance or exit doors.

5- Do you allow pets on the property?

    NO , we do not allow pets at the vineyard. Service animals are allowed.

6- If a party or event is scheduled like a wedding or reception is the vineyad and tasting room closed to the public?

   NO,  The tasting room will be open to the public during events scheduled during regular business hours and the hours are posted on our website.

7- Can I bring beverages or drinks with me if it is not wine?

   NO,  we don't allow any drinks to be brought.  All beverages of any kind must be purchased from us. Drinks or beverages are defined as “anything that you can drink”. The only exception is if you are using The Catering Company for a party or reception and they are able to bring in tea, coffee or lemonade with their meal service.

 8-  Can children or people under age 21 come to the vineyard?

   YES, Children are welcome, we are a family friendly place, but they just need to be properly supervised at all times. We are always conscious of our lake and water features and never want an accident to occur. Children are naturally curious and innocent behavior on their part can have serious consequences, we want them to be safe.