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Red Wines

Red Wines

$20, $18 and $16 a bottle and $6 a glass


Dry Reds


COLE’S CLASSIC:(Named after winemaker’s son)
A dry red with a pleasant full dark blackberry nose and flavors, dry and full with a light smoky touch on the finish.

$18 bottle, $6 glass

This dry blend of Baco Noir and Marchel Foch grapes has earthy tones with a hint of tart plum with a crisp finish. It has a tangy palate that pairs well with red meats and pasta dishes. $20 bottle, $6 glass

CODY’S ROUND-UP RED: (Named after the winemaker’s son)
This wine has raspberry and currant on the nose with a wisp of smoke. This wine has moderate acidity with a tangy dark berry finish.

$18 bottle, $6 glass

This blend of two popular northern grapes has a fresh fruity nose with hints of raspberry and black cherry flavors on the palate. A wine that will gain complexity with age, perfect to pair with a sizzling steak hot of the grill or a beef brisket.

$16 bottle, $6 glass

Strong red currant notes and medium acidity with a touch of oak on the nose and front of the palate give this hybrid grape a dry and long finish. This wine will mellow with age. It pairs well with Italian dishes with rich, red, meaty sauces. $20 bottle, $6 glass

FRONTENAC: This mildly acidic and spicy wine, is medium bodied with a light oak on the nose and black currant finish. (not named for any children!) $16 bottle, $6 glass


Off Dry Reds

Alexander's Conquest and Eric's Red have been AWARDED SILVER MEDALS in the New York Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in 2016.


ALEXANDER’S CONQUEST: (Named after winemaker’s oldest son)This wine just won a SIlver Medal at the International Finger Lakes Competition This wine is a sweet blend of Marchel Foch Frontenac and Cabernet. It’s low in tannins and medium acidity. A spicy onset with a hint of cloves, black currant and a soft long finish. $20 bottle, $6 glass

ERIC’S RED: OUT TEMPORARILY (Named after winemaker’s youngest son)
This off dry red blend has a touch of raspberry and blackerry flavors, especially on the finish. Easy on the palate an annual favorite. $20 bottle, $6 glass

COROT NOIR ( off dry):  
This wine has raspberry characteristics on the nose and a smooth mellow, lightly oaked touch on the palate. There are undertones of cassis and it has a full body and medium finish. Enjoy alone or with a meal. $18 bottle, $6 glass


Sweet Red Wines

This version of our Corot Noir wine has the same mellow raspberry tones and a smooth lightly oaked flavor as our dry version but is made for a sweeter palate.  We like to serve it chilled for refreshing Summer treat! $18 bottle, $6 glass



Flavored Red Wines

Baco Noir, Corot Noir and Frontenac grapes are blended in this uniquely enhanced Chocolate wine. This wine starts with chocolate on the nose, raspberry on the palate and then a soft chocolate finish that is reminiscent of a red tootsie roll pop, adulthood and childhood all in one bottle. Serve chilled.

$16 bottle, $6 glass

This Baco and Corot Noir wine blend has strong notes of Blackberry and Blueberry flavorings that compliment the natural raspberry flavors of these French American hybrid grapes. Over ice cream with berries it’s a natural.  Serve chilled. $20 bottle, $6 glass


Prices reflect tax included. 10% instant discount with any case purchase, this also applies to mixed cases. No discount on 2002 Alexander’s Conquest ILLINOIS DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER.