Blush Wines

Blush Wines

$12 or $15 a bottle and $4 a glass


Diane’s Desire has been AWARDED A BRONZE MEDAL in the 2016 New York Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, come and try Diane’s Desire and our other award winning wines.

DIANE’S DESIRE: (Named after the winemaker’s wife)
This sangria style wine is a blend of Niagara and Baco Noir with fruity undertones served best chilled with your favorite spicy dish or mixed with fresh fruit.
$15 bottle, glass $4

Fruity Semi-Sweet

NICOLE’S BLUSH: BACK AT THE BAR!!! (Named after the winemaker’s daughter)
Our version of a white Zinfandel is a blend of Seyval grapes and Red wine blend with added sweetness. This blush wine is a perfect compliment to cheese and crackers or with appetizers and light meals.
$12 bottle, glass $4


CARLY’S CREATION: (Named after the winemaker’s daughter)
A concord wine. Best served chilled enjoy with a light meal or dessert. Our most popular summer wine.
$15 bottle, glass $4

TWO GRANDPA’S: (Blush Wine)
This wine is made by fermenting the leftover grape skins and seeds. This wine has lush aromas and a rich sweet taste and hint of spice, meant to savor like a sherry or aperitif. (750ml) Serve chilled.
$15 bottle, glass $4

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