Acoustic Sunday James Taylor Tribute with James Herr

Date: March 1, 2020
Location: Tasting room

James Herr, a James Taylor Tribute artist, will be at the vineyard for a relaxing Sunday afternoon concert.   Come out to enjoy acoustic favorites with great wine, a beautiful view, some snacks and no cover.

James started by fulfilling a bucket list item in his mid- fifties and played some music by his favorite songwriters at an open mic,  He has gone on to play throughout Illinois as a James Taylor Tribute Artist.  He has sets of romantic acoustic music from generations of songwriters including Jim Croce, Paul Simon and Ed Sheeran.

“I didn’t have the courage to perform the songs I loved in public the songs until my mid-fifties and not until they sounded to me like the original artist.  I want to recreate the intention and performances of the original solo artist.  After 50 years of playing I can still fall in love with a song.”

Pros and fans alike have praised his performances:

“James hi. Sounded great last night. What I love about the 3 you do so well (Simon, Croce, Taylor) is they all deliver with confidence. You know it’s them from the first note. Seriously you have hit on a winning combination and set list perfect for the crowd. So take it from a guy with decades of pro experience you are on the right path. Next step is rock ’em. So reach for the stars, your rocket is headed there anyway.”

“You sounded fantastic.”

“You sound just like James Taylor.”

“Great set the other night!!”

“Inspiring artist who can finger pick like no other. Takes you right back to when you heard your first James Taylor song.  Highly recommend you go see him.”