Open Mic Afternoon at the Vineyard

Date: April 14, 2019

It’s time to show off your musical talent!

We will be hosting the fourth open mic event on Sunday, at the vineyard, so bring on the talent and come out for a fun filled day.

Participant Format

• All participants will do 2 songs, then turn the microphone over to the next participant.

• Once all everyone has performed, time allowing, we will repeat. Therefore, you my have the opportunity to perform two additional songs.

• A participant is counted as the primary singer, so you may ask a friend to help accompany you, then later in the afternoon accompany someone else.

• The sound system provided will include two microphones plus 2 direct boxes for a couple acoustic guitars, or one guitar and bass to plug directly into the sound system.

• Invite your friends for a fun afternoon.

How to register:

Walkin registrations are welcome but If you wish to pre-register for the event, you can send an email to
Please provide your name, email, and phone number. If you are having someone play and or sing along, please provide their contact information as well. If time allows, let us know if you would like perform 2 additional songs in the 2nd round. We reserve the right to limit the total number of and combinations of participants. Please contact Steve at 309-258-5301 with any questions.