Mandala Pumpkin Pair Painting & Wine at the Vineyard!

Date: October 7, 2021
Location: Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

Fall is FABULOUS when you have this pair of Mandala decorated Pumpkins “made by you” to spice up your Fall Decor!

Pumpkins, Dots and Wine! Art at the Bodega is on location at the vineyard,  and in this class you will paint mandalas (dots) on two ceramic pumpkins. We will show you how and everything you need to do this awesome technique will be provided.  You will paint the dots and stem of your pumpkin, and we have pre-painted the rest for you so it is easy and you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry!

The class is $45 per person and includes all art supplies needed to create your own pair of decorative mandala style pumpkins with beautiful color combinations and the end result will be a fall favorite for years to come.

Arrival is suggested, between 5-6pm for wine tasting, socializing and check-in. Art skills are not needed for this very easy project.

Three complimentary wine tastings are available for only one dollar,  we will have cheese and crackers available from Ropp Jersey Cheese and also Chocolatier Chocolates as well as wine, beer, sodas, tea and water. No beverages may be brought in.

RESERVATION REQUIRED.  For more information call us at (309) 431-1307.