“IF VACCINATED”: NOMASK NEEDED per the latest IDPH & TCHD info for outdoors and indoors

“IF NOT VACCINATED” OUTDOOR MASKING: If people maintain good social distance 6’+ etc. when walking around, then outside no mask needed, outdoor transmission has been studied and zero transmission occurs outdoors. This is because UV light (sunshine) breaks the virus down and open air dissipates it.   When seated to eat or drink no mask is needed.

 “IF NOT VACCINATED INDOOR MASKING”: if people are not vaccinated, they should still be masking indoors when they are walking around and in lines for serving. When seated masks can be removed for eating and drinking.

OUTDOOR DANCE FLOOR: The latest IDPH & TCHD info for outdoors is in a 1000 sq. ft. space there can be 30 people, so that is about a 32′ x 32′ space.  DANCE FLOOR OPEN I ask people to remember not to get too crowded together when dancing, we have plenty of space and the lawn always works where people are sitting with their friends to show off their dance moves.  As always, it just comes down to each of us respecting people’s personal space, with or without covid-19!

Our staff (DOING OUR PART):  We will wash our hands frequently and wear gloves when needed.  We are cleaning per the CDC guidelines for COVID 19 and are doing our best to keep our staff and guest areas clean and sanitary.

DOING YOUR PART (Thank you in advance): Just coming out and supporting us and other local businesses is the best way to do your part.

HAND WASHING: Please wash your hands for 20 seconds and get them nice & soapy! We have hand sanitizer at the bars too.

WE ASK YOU –If you are sick or have been with someone who is sick, stay home please. We will miss you but we want to see you when you are well.

Drink Service Regular hours: We are sampling wine in flights of three for $1 per flight for the first flight. You can choose the three samples in your flight. Samples are $1 each after the first three.  Samples are one ounce. Green Dragon is a $2 sample. Wines can be purchased by bottle or glass; we have beer and sodas as well. On concert nights we don’t do tasting after 6pm.


Foods: All of our normal rules will apply for guests being allowed to bring in their own ready to eat foods but no drinks of any kind. We serve wine, beer, sodas, bottled tea, and water. We sell wrapped cheese, chocolates, chip, and snacks.

RESTROOMS: Multi stall restrooms will have signage that states the number of people that can be inside at one time. Our staff will clean and monitor these areas throughout the evening for cleanliness.

Thank you– My family, staff and I are so glad to have everyone at the vineyard again and be able to enjoy our wines indoors and outdoors. Thanks to everyone for cooperating over the past many months with following the guidelines and helping us to stay safely open.  We ask people to continue to wear masks and social distance as still required indoors if you are not vaccinated.  As individuals we each can do our part as good neighbors to show tact and courtesy to all.  I thank you for your help in following these guidelines so we can continue to stay open to serve you and move to  less restrictive phases and hopefully soon no restrictions needed. Thank you- Diane, my family, and staff.