Article- Phase Three Outdoor Guidelines! 

GOOD NEWS: We can be OPEN!! These are the “Restore Illinois Phase Three & Four” guidelines for reopening of our outdoor and some indoor seating spaces given by the Illinois Department of Public Health. *NO INDOOR SEATING AS OF 11/3/2020

Our staff (DOING OUR PART):  We will wear masks when serving you, wash our hands frequently and wear gloves when needed.  We are cleaning per the CDC guidelines for COVID 19 and are doing our best to keep our staff and guest areas clean and sanitary.  We are glad to see you and will be smiling behind our masks even though you may not see it.

DOING YOUR PART (Thank you in advance): The current guidelines for us to be open using our outdoor spaces, live music and phase four indoor reopening are below:  

Our guests must wear face masks covering their nose and mouth so we can all be together…

  • Wear your mask when in serving lines, stand 6’ apart please
  • Wear your mask when in multi stall restrooms
  • Wear your mask if you are less than 6 feet away from other people and not seated.
  •  **OUTDOORS: Groups can only be 6 people maximum seated together with at least 6 feet between other groups in all areas.
  • **INDOORS NO INDOORS AS OF 11/3/2020: Groups can only be 10 people maximum seated together with at least 6 feet between other groups in all areas.  Maximum indoors is 40 people.

HAND WASHING: Please wash your hands for 20 seconds and get them nice & soapy! We have hand sanitizer at the bars too.

MASKS OFF AREA: People can take off their masks to eat and drink within their group seating area of six or less people in our outdoor spaces; patios, porches, decks and yard areas. Masks can be off if you are 6 feet or further away from others in areas where you are closer then 6 feet distance wear your mask.   It is best to only take your mask off when  you are seated with your group.

WE ASK YOU –If you are sick or have been with someone who is sick, stay home please. We will miss you but we want to see you when you are well.

Drink Service Regular hours: We are sampling wine in flights of three for $1 per flight for the first flight. You can choose the three samples in your flight. A second flight of three will be $3. Samples are one ounce. Green Dragon is a $2 sample. Wines can be purchased by bottle or glass, we have beer and sodas as well. NO DRINKS OF ANY KIND CAN BE BROUGHT IN.

Drink Service during Live Music 6-11 pm:  From 6-11 pm during live music the bar service areas we will use are: the tasting room bar and the additional two outdoor bar serving areas, giving us three bar service areas to allow for better social distancing.  All Drinks must be taken to your outdoor seating area for consumption there is no indoor seating. NO WINE TASTING 6-11pm.  Wine sales by the bottle or glass, disposable cups will be provided for wine.

Foods: All of our normal rules will apply for guests being allowed to bring in their own ready to eat foods but no drinks of any kind. We serve wine, beer, sodas, bottled tea and water. We sell wrapped cheese, chocolates, chip and snacks.

Phase Four reopening of Indoor spaces, NO INDOOR SEATING AS OF 11/3/2020: We can set groups in the tasting room with a maximum of 10 people at a table, spaced 6 feet apart. We can host at most 40 people seated in the room at one time with these guidelines.

RESTROOMS: Multi stall restrooms will have signage that states the number of people that can be inside at one time. Our staff will clean and monitor these areas throughout the evening for cleanliness.

DANCE FLOOR: We will not have the dance floor open on Friday or Saturday evenings DURING PHASE THREE OR FOUR to allow the bands to space out more when performing for their own social distancing.  STANDING AND CONGREGATING AROUND THE BAND AREA IS NOT ALLOWED.  If you just have to dance do so in your seating area.

LAWN SEATING AREA: The yard area seating is open seating but groups are limited to NO MORE THAN 6 people per group seating area.  The yard is marked with stakes or paint showing areas 12’ apart to gauge where to sit with your group for social distancing of a 6′ foot distance from other groups. Our staff will be available to help with questions about yard seating. If you come with more than 6 people you must sit in adjacent areas of 6 people each.

Thank you– My family, staff and I are so glad to have everyone visit again and be able to enjoy our wines in our outdoor spaces. I know some of these things might be difficult at first but we really need to follow these guidelines and we want to get through the phases successfully and safely just like you do and move on to less restrictions.  We are trying our best to have people cooperate with wearing masks and social distancing but we know it is not going to be perfect,  as individuals we each can do our part as good neighbors.  I thank you for your help in following these guidelines so we can continue to stay open to serve you and move to a less restrictive phase hopefully soon. Thank you- Diane, my family and staff