White Wines

Dry & Off Dry White Wines

Prices reflect tax included. 10% instant discount with any case purchase, this also applies to mixed cases.

Dry and Off Dry White Wines

SEYVAL BLANC (blue bottle):
This off-dry, lightly acidic white wine has citrus characters with a refreshing apple and pear finish. Serve cold with roast, poultry or fish. $16 a bottle, $7 a glass


This dry white wine blend pleases those that enjoy a lightly oaked Chardonnay. This is a light dry medium bodied white wine blend with crisp notes and a light buttery smooth French oak finish. $16 a bottle, $7 a glass

VIGNOLES (off dry): 

This off dry white wine is a hybrid cousin of Vigonier and displays notes of fresh apples and a light fruity tartness lingering on the finish. A treat with a nice cheese and fruit plate. $16 a bottle , $7 glass

Semi Sweet and Sweet White Wines

  • Prices shown include sales tax, 10% case discount is offered for 12 or more bottles, mix and match your favorites!


JASMINE’S MOONLIGHT (semi sweet): 

This Semi Sweet Niagara blend is a refreshing sweet wine and is named after the original cellar cat. Great for dessert or just sipping.  $18 bottle, $7 glass 

CAYUGA WHITE (semi sweet):

One of our most productive grapes it produces a white wine with peachy citrus tones. Excellent when paired with a light meal, fruit or dessert, as well as on its own. Poured over a fruit compote and freeze for a refreshing summer treat. $18 bottle, $7 glass


This sweet version of our popular dryer white wine has the same light citrus characters with a refreshing apple and pear finish. Serve cold with roast pork, poultry or fish.   $16 bottle, $7 glass. 2021 BRONZE Medal winner Illinois State Fair


This grape has vivid floral aromas and a very grapey flavor similar to a niagara juice but but with a stronger tone. This very popular Sweet wine will be released in June 2015 and usually only lasts a short time so come out in June to stock up if you’re a fan.   $20 bottle, $7 glass