FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

During the many years we’ve been in business, a majority of our customers have had a similar set of questions.
This list aims to help you in getting the most popular queries answered.

YES, you can bring in ready to serve foods with whatever utensils and plates you need to serve them. We don’t provide setup area, refrigerators, freezers or ice for your food serving. You should bring whatever you need.

NO, you cannot bring in any drinks of any kind, alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks are not allowed.  We sell canned sodas, bottled tea and bottled water for $1 each. We have a nice selection of domestic beer $4 and craft beer, as well as some seltzers and ciders most are $5. Wine is served by the glass or bottle. Prices for wine range from $15 -$22 a bottle, or $7 a glass. Our Fortified wine is $50 a bottle and $11 a glass.

We are closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  We are also closed during the month of January.  Click here for Hours.

YES, our on site catering services are provided exclusively by The Catering Company, they can be reached at 309-678-9000 or email them at TheCateringCompany9000@yahoo.com and they can provide menus and pricing.  We don’t allow other caterers on premise. They can provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free meals as requested.  If there are Cultural dietary needs we can work with clients on meeting those needs on a case by case basis if the Catering Company is unable to accommodate the groups religious dietary needs.  Click here for Catering.
NO, groups over the size of 50 guests are not allowed to bring their own foods and must use The Catering Company. They can be reached at 309-678-9000, or emailed at TheCateringCompany9000@yahoo.com.   Click here for Catering.

YES, we allow smoking or vaping on the premises within the guidelines set by the State of Illinois. No one can smoke or vape in any of the buildings or within 15 feet of any entrance or exit doors, or within 15 feet of an open window.

NO, we do not allow pets or emotional support animals at the vineyard. Service animals are allowed.

NO, The tasting room and grounds will be open to the public during events scheduled during regular business hours and the hours are posted on our website.

NO, we don’t allow any drinks to be brought. All beverages of any kind must be purchased from us. Drinks or beverages are defined as “anything that you can drink”. The only exception is if you are using The Catering Company for a party or reception and they are able to bring in tea, coffee or lemonade with their meal service.

YES, Children are welcome, we are a family friendly place, but they just need to be properly supervised at all times. We are always conscious of our lake and water features and never want an accident to occur. Children are naturally curious and innocent behavior on their part can have serious consequences, we want them to be safe.

YES- if the pictures are for personal use only, it is fine to take photos on our grounds during business hours, as long as it is not disrupting a wedding or other event that is scheduled.

YES- but there is a fee for photography on the grounds of Mackinaw Valley Vineyard Property, it is $150 per hour for professional photographers or amateur photographers that are using photos for personal gain as art or for promotional material or for resale of images for photostock. Use of grounds as a studio setting for a photographers and their clients must be scheduled in advance and approved by the event coordinator for the vineyard. The minimum fee is $150 even if time used is less than one hour. All photographs, hard copy, digital and electronic video or photographic media such as; websites, Facebook, pinterest, instagram and any publication for professional or promotional use must be documented as taken at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, Mackinaw Illinois. The documentation must be in the body of the photographic likeness in all forms and media in no smaller than an 8 font type that is legible to readers and viewers of the photo, video or digital material. This applies to any photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade and other purposes. The photography fee does not apply to photographers hired by our wedding clients to photograph their wedding day.

During live music nights seating on the deck and patio areas can be reserved for $5 per person, this is in addition to the band cover that is charged when people enter. The chairs and tables are black wrought iron patio furniture. Seating is reserved from 5-11pm and people can call the tasting room at 309-359-9463 during business hours to make reservations. We take payment by credit card for seating reservations and we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Lawn seating is open and available on a first come first serve basis. If you sit in the lawn areas during live music there is only the band cover charge not a seating fee, please bring your own lawn chair or blankets for lawn seating. We don’t allow popup tents or patio umbrellas in the lawn area.

We have a program called a Tour and Tasting that is scheduled in advance. This programs allows you to learn about wine making and wine tasting with this behind the scenes look at a working vineyard and winery. The tour and tasting includes a brief tour of the vineyard (weather permitting), a tour of the wine making room and a formal tasting of at least six wines. The cost is $10+tax per person, you must call two weeks in advance to reserve a time and scheduling is based on availability. There is a minimum of 10 people per tour group or a minimum fee of $100+tax if less then 10. Saturdays during the months June through September we don’t schedule tour and tasting groups. Winery Tour and Tasting groups are scheduled during regular business hours and if scheduled after or before hours there will be additional facility fees. Email –mackinawwinery03@gmail.com or call 309-645-5054 for information and availability.

We don’t allow tents, or pop-up tents to be used on the property unless permission is given in advance by the owner. The only exception is if we are hosting an event with vendors on our grounds they are able to use tents for their booth spaces outside.

During business hours on weekdays, we usually use our glass stemware logo glasses for serving wine by the glass or when a bottle is purchased.  These glasses are also available for purchase for $3 each.

During weekend hours when we are busy we often switch to using plastic 9 ounce tumblers for wine service. This is to limit the washing of glasses, running out of glasses, and also to mitigate loss and breakage. We have found too that it keeps the dance floor area safer and free of broken glass during concert evenings.

The glass stemware wine glasses are available on weekends by giving a refundable deposit of $3 per glass that is returned when the glass is returned to the tasting room. The glasses are also available for purchase those evenings for $3 each.

We hope you understand this policy and we wanted to clarify it for our guests as to why they are not always served with a glass stemware wine glass when we are busy or expecting a large crowd for an event.

Mackinaw has many good dining and carryout options, our local restaurants located in town are shown below:

Hayne’s on Main – dine in or carryout  *309-359-6246

Eddy’s Kitchen Family Restaurant- dine in or carryout  * 309-359-4647

Pub 52- dine in or carryout *309-359-5552

Mackinaw Family Restaurant- dine in or carryout *309-359-8080

The Tearoom at the Depot- dine in or carryout  * 309-359-4TEA

Eli’s Coffee Shop-coffee, baked goods and light sandwiches, wraps & salads- 309-263-0507 * OPENS September 23,2022

IGA Mackinaw- Carryout from cold and hot deli offerings, small seating area too.  *309-359-5211

YES, we have gift certificates that can be bought for any amount you wish and we will mail them for you in the United States.

YES, we can make a gift basket for your gift giving fun, we add whatever wines and items your wish to include to fit any budget large or small, and make a truly unique gift. Baskets do need to be picked up , we don’t deliver them.

Click here for Gift Baskets & Certificates

Yes, Mackinaw Valley Vineyard is part of the Heart of Illinois Wine Trail. There are nine member winery and our other trail members are listed alphabetically below. Also, join our Facebook for the Heart of Illinois Wine Trail.

Big Horse Vineyards, Lewiston, IL

Hidden Hills Winery, Galesburg, IL

Hill Prairie Winery, Oakford, IL

Native Trails Winery, Lewiston, IL

Old Mill Vineyard Bent Tree Tasting room, Metamora, IL

Spoon River Junction Winery, Canton, IL 

Tres Rojas Winery, Washington, IL 

West of Wise Winery, Petersburg, IL 

To locate information on all Illinois Wineries, you can go to www.illinoiswine.com

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